Converting Positive Experiences Into Online Reviews

Press Release

Dana Hill 3

By Leah Draffen | Associate Editor, Multifamily Executive 

Learn 4 best practices for boosting a positive online reputation through 5-star resident interactions.

As potential residents begin researching rental properties, online reviews are an easy place to form opinions. Positive feedback and happy resident experiences can help boost the decision process for those contemplating a move. 

Understandably, a healthy online reputation is backed by excellent customer service and experiences. “If you provide a great company culture rooted in the core values of service and respect for one another, then that standard of hospitality translates into authentic, five-star experiences. This is at the heart of building a positive reputation online,” says Dana Hill, senior director of engagement at RangeWater Real Estate.

To learn more about positive online reputation best practices, MFE tapped some leading property management firms that have earned their place on J Turner Research’s Elite 1% ORA Power Ranking list. Competing against 132,000 properties nationwide in 2022, the top 1% properties know how to provide first-class experiences to earn their choice online reputations.

Responding to All Reviews. 

After a review is left, a top priority is to respond with gratitude and care. While this requires constant monitoring, it is key to not only improving and increasing future reviews, but also de-escalating negative sentiment.

"Team training in how to respond is also a necessary task when approaching reviews. Hill shares, “It is critical that we educate, assess, and respond to all reviews. It is RangeWater’s top priority to ensure our teams are well-supported and aware of any new rules of engagement as it relates to curating and responding to reviews. This not only avoids the risk of gating or infringement practices, but ensures we are actively listening and adjusting our property management strategy with intention.”

Viewing Low-Star Reviews as Opportunity

Further providing insight into the experiences of residents and prospects, reviews—regardless of sentiment—are beneficial to property managers. Hill notes, “We must adapt our mindset to view every low-star review as an opportunity. Our humanity allows for shortcomings, and how we navigate a solution separates us from the pack.”

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