Google Fiber Now Available in Over 3,000 Apartment and Condominium Communities

Press Release

Posted by Lee Bienstock, Head of Partnerships, on the Google Fiber Blog

A little over five years ago, Google Fiber fiber launched a different kind of internet and TV service to the first single family home in Kansas City. Pretty soon after that, we heard from apartments and condos interested in partnering with Google Fiber to bring superfast internet and TV to their residents. To make this happen, we’ve worked closely with national and local real estate developers, property managers, and condo boards to bring Google Fiber to multi-family communities across the United States.

Today, we’re excited to report that we have activated Google Fiber service in over 3,000 multi-family communities across our Fiber cities, plus an additional 300 Community Connections, which, in partnership with local nonprofit organizations, provide Internet access and digital literacy tools to digitally divided communities.

We didn’t do this alone -- our real estate and organizational partners made this a reality for their residents. It’s a collaborative effort -- working with each property, we identify the best way to serve their residents from the beginning of construction to installation and our ongoing service. Each project is unique. We start with the design process and continue to ensure that managers can use Google Fiber as a way to differentiate their property to prospective residents. Google Fiber has brought thousands of eyes to real estate partner websites, and we’ve been lucky enough to be the chosen provider for internet for thousands of their residents.

Building on these partnerships, we’ve recently expanded our commitment to become a technology partner by launching the Google Hardware Program. This program is designed to help properties capitalize on the smart home ecosystem by offering preferred pricing on Google Home, Nest Thermostats, and other devices. It’s still early, but we are very excited to help real estate partners explore the future of the “connected home” in apartments and condos.

And we're lucky to work with some incredible partners across our markets:

Sound like something you might want to check out? If you are looking for a place to live with Google Fiber, check out the Google Fiber Apartment Finder to find a property in your area. If you are a developer who would be interested in becoming a Google Fiber partner, please tell us more about your property here, and a member of our team will reach out to you.
Thanks to all our real estate partners across all of our Fiber cities — we look forward to bringing superfast Internet to more buildings and their residents!
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