RangeWater Gets Creative to Meet Hiring Demand Across Sun Belt and Mountain West

Press Release

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As a growing real estate firm across a large geographic footprint, RangeWater’s hiring demand is at a record-high. This year alone, RangeWater has filled 387 new positions and promoted 152 current team members to new roles.

Hiring falls on the capable shoulders of RangeWater Director of Recruiting Alison Turner. She’s not only focused on attracting top talent across all disciplines within the company, but also growing her own team to a five-member operation. Together, they’ve conducted over 500 interviews so far this year, including 84 in the month of June alone. Her recruiting team includes Natalie Baird, Desmond Blair, Alex Fortune and Alexia Fullwood.

Turner outlined a number of ways they are finding great talent (and conducting so many interviews) with the following insights:

Promote from within and ask for referrals

Both are excellent ways to ensure employees feel valued as part of the organization and bring in other people committed to the same level of excellence. “That’s how we grow our team,” said Turner. “It is a priority to promote from within whenever possible and we’re able to accomplish that by taking care of our people first. We invest in their future, setting a strong foundation during the onboarding process and encouraging them to find their passion and grow at RangeWater.”

Referrals are another excellent way of recruiting and retaining great people: “The greatest compliment we can receive as a company is for our employees to want their friends and family to work here, too,” she said.

Work ahead and reach out

Working in advance helps the recruiting team keep an eye out for talent that fits the need – a month out is ideal, she says. Her team communicates weekly with emails about open positions and internal opportunities. RangeWater also attends recruiting events at trade schools, universities and apartment association events (one good way to find the next generation of medal winners at Maintenance Mania!).

Charm offensive + technology

The recruiting team wants to leave a favorable impression on all candidates – so that they will tell others about the company and aspire to be hired one day. “I want them to go out and say, ‘That was the best interview with a recruiter from RangeWater - you have to check them out,’” she said. The team uses tools like Vidcruiter to make sure interviews are shareable across the organization.

ABR – Always Be Recruiting

“Our strategic growth requires us to always be recruiting,” says Turner. “It’s incredible to be a part of such a dynamic real estate firm with boundless potential.”

Hiring by the numbers

  • Between 85% and 90% of the applications are for on-site property management and maintenance positions
  • The rest are corporate positions with accounting seeing the most growth to keep pace with the company’s growth
  • RangeWater currently has 349 jobs posted
  • On average, RangeWater receives upwards of 500-850 applications per week


To see RangeWater’s current job openings, go here.