RangeWater Real Estate Selects Andrew McIntyre for Senior Managing Director of Development

Press Release

Andrew Mc Intyre 1

By: Lisa McDuffie | Connectcre

Atlanta, GA-based RangeWater Real Estate has welcomed Andrew McIntyre as senior managing director of development. McIntyre brings more than two decades of experience overseeing the construction of more than 3,200 multifamily units and $2.3 billion in development to the role.

He will work with RangeWater’s executive managing director of development Brian Oates to ensure that the company stays in front of project planning, resource needs, market and cost trends, risk management, third-party design and builder relationships and overall execution strategy for the company’s portfolio.

McIntyre spent two decades in the Washington, D.C. market overseeing projects at Combined Properties Inc., and at Penzance, JBG Smith, and PN Hoffman (now Hoffman & Associates).  McIntyre believes that all resident touchpoints are an opportunity to incorporate new technology and remains mindful that there is a fine line between being on the leading edge versus the “bleeding edge.”

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