Andrew McIntyre

Senior Managing Director, Development

Andrew Mc Intyre Senior Managing Director of Development

Andrew McIntyre is the Senior Managing Director of Development at RangeWater Real Estate. In this role, Andrew oversees all development projects for the firm from conceptualization to execution. This includes business plan underwriting, investor relations and management of the development team.

Prior to joining RangeWater, Andrew worked at Combined Properties Inc, Penzance, JBG and PNHoffman. During his tenure, he led the development of 3,200 multifamily units at cost of $1.3B and over $2.3B of development. These experiences provided Andrew with a wide range of development expertise across multiple disciplines and product types that he now deploys at RangeWater.

Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Construction from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in economics and a Master of Business Administration degree from Johns Hopkins University. He enjoys cycling, tennis, weight training, great wine & food, boating and entertaining family and friends. Andrew lives in Atlanta with his wife, Sabrina, and dog, Apollo.